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Innovation at the edge of chaos

John Body speaks at the Innovation Summit 2014
September 25, 2014
New ThinkPlace team members

Have you met the newest members of our team?

We are happy to welcome several new team members to our Australia studio! We love building our team and bringing on new energetic and passionate people to add to our skills and culture.
September 3, 2014
man in conversation

“Why don’t they just talk to us?”

As we sat to introduce ourselves to one client, he asked us “if the government want to know what will make life easier for us, why don’t they ask and actually let us answer?”
July 10, 2014
thinkplace foundation with grameen

Why I flew 9,000 miles to learn from ThinkPlace

Kimberly Davies from the Grameen Foundation talks about what she learned during her two-week visit to ThinkPlace, Canberra
July 1, 2014
Darren video 4

Video: The problem has a human face

Darren Menachemson explores the importance of putting a human face on an administrative problem for change to be successful.
June 17, 2014
Mathilde Motte

Paris d.school in Canberra

Design Intern Mathilde Motte shares her experiences of working in her dream industry at ThinkPlace.
June 16, 2014
thinkplace brand wall thumb

Digital Designer Position – ThinkPlace Canberra Studio

Do you want to design digital solutions to complex challenges that affect the lives of millions of people? ThinkPlace is looking for a top notch digital designer to join our Canberra Studio.
June 16, 2014